Lao PDR : Untitled

Lao PDR: Untitled is an ongoing body of work exploring Laos in the midst of the transition that the socialist state is undergoing. In the Lao PDR, global markets are bringing drastic changes in people’s lifestyle and slowly pushing fragments of the population out of the countryside and into the cities, where traditions leave space to modernity and urban challenges trigger social and economic inequalities. 

Lao PDR: Untitled develops from a previous photo-project aimed at documenting the impacts of large-scale plantations, hydropower, mining and roads construction on the social and environmental landscapes of the Lao PDR. While the commitment to document the impacts caused by excessive natural resource exploitation is still central to the project, Lao PDR: Untitled is not limited to these issues. This project is envisioned to holistically unfolding Laos in various aspects of its society.